Case study: how [Customer Name] gets [desired outcome] with [Your Company Name]

Case study: how [Customer Name] gets [desired outcome] with [Your Company Name]

After you’ve created a results-focused title, it’s time to continue that trend with your introduction.

Numbers, numbers & numbers!

The best cases start with a compelling summary that highlights the key metrics or achievements you will discuss. Add a graph and briefly describe the customer’s previous problem, then use bullet points for what has changed.

What Customer Name gets with Company Name:

  • Desired outcome
  • Key metric
  • A Benefit

“Use a pull quote to highlight the best quote from the case study.”

Take a look at this example:

Background: write a short description of the customer

Introduce your customer here. Grab a description from their website or LinkedIn page and edit it. This way you stay on-message with their brand. Add a personal touch with a company or team photo.

Example: StoryChief

StoryChief Team Picture, January 2020

– StoryChief is a content marketing platform that helps you create & publish interactive articles across multiple channels with one click. Their mission is to help content teams 10x their reach. They are one of Belgium’s most promising tech companies and have over 25.000 users in 70+ countries.

Challenge: write a short description of the customer’s problem

What challenges was your customer dealing with before using your product or service? Describe the old situation and highlight the key problems they were facing. You can even use bullet points to make the challenges easy to skim.

The core challenges:

  • Challenge 1
  • Challenge 2
  • Challenge 3

“Use another pull quote to satisfy the skim readers”

Solution: a quick description of your solution

This is a section where you can make your offering shine, so don’t be shy! Describe how you worked with your client and what you did to set him up with a proper solution. This section is also a great place to add some pictures of your collaboration.

Photographer: Kaleidico | Source: Unsplash

Not sure what images to include in your case study? Here are some ideas:

  • Your team
  • Their team
  • Your two teams working together
  • Screenshots of what you created for them
  • A small photo of the person you interviewed for the case study

Results: add a short description of what the customer has achieved

Now it’s time to show the impact you had on your customer. Zoom in on the benefits and how they benefit from it today. Identify at least three key results or metrics that improved and visualize them in numbers or with a graph.
Summarize the key benefits & results

  • Result 1
  • Result 2
  • Result 3

“Use another pull quote to satisfy the skim readers”

Statistics on a laptop
Photographer: Carlos Muza | Source: Unsplash

Get your desired outcome (call to action heading)

One of the most overlooked elements of a case study is the ending!

Here you invite readers to get in touch and talk about their own situation. Guide them towards a landing page, a webinar, another article, or even ask for their details via a lead capture form.

Let the leads fly in!

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