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STREAMER MUST HAVE Elgato Stream Deck Mini
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Elgato Stream Deck Mini – Live Content Creation Controller has 6 fully customizable LCD keys, which assures to trigger unlimited actions.

Who this device is for? Not only for streamers but surely is paradise for streamers.

  1. Editors.
  2. Content creators.
  3. Photographers.
  4. Streamers.



Who does not love playing video games! You can make money out of your hobby of playing video games.

Examples will make streamers understand what Elgato stream deck Would do 

Streamers: If you are playing a game (live stream) and you want to put some custom animation to your stream or else say any emoji/sticker. In addition, you can assign each key for different animation.

Photographers: Consider yourself editing and switching between windows and folders, you can assign a physical LCD key for various tasks, this will save you a lot of time, hence, making you time efficient.

Elgato stream deck– A device that every streamer must have, first it is a nice prop to your workstation with physical keys that are backlit by LCD screens. Now these each of 6 keys can be assigned a different job to perform or can be assigned as a button to perform tasks in your computer, which seamlessly integrates with your workflow. 

If you are a new Twitch streamer or even a streamer that’s far away, but still wants to keep everything good – budgeted, the Stream Deck Mini would be a great addition to your setup. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot find anything like a 15-button rig, you will find your way to the Elgato Stream Deck Mini.

The Stream Deck app is the one that can do it without physical buttons, but it’s more powerful and an incredible addition to the possibilities of Stream Deck. 

Streamers and video producers who want to get serious about content and community can create quality content with Stream Deck Mini at the touch of a button. Elgato Deck Mini is a great addition to the setup of a streamer and, like Stream Decks, supports folders and custom icons. 

Stream Deck Mini seamlessly integrates with popular content creation tools and platforms.


Customizing Stream Deck is effortless. Simply drag and drop actions onto keys, and make them your own with custom icons. Need more actions? Turn keys into folders to amass and access as many actions as you want. Better yet, save unique key configurations as dedicated profiles for different games and apps, switch between them on the fly, and share them with fellow creators.


Gone are the days of navigating myriad windows to trigger an action, and relying solely on automated plugins to expand your production value. Now you hold the power to pioneer a new era of content creation, and lead your audience to uncharted frontiers of inspiration. Now you’re in control.


Question: How to input GIFs, stickers or emoji to your live stream when your hands are busy with gaming? 

Answer: You can assign different GIFs or stickers or emoji to 6 customizable keys of the Elgato stream deck mini. So with just click of a button you get a lovely animation on your live stream and that is very simple.

Question: How to use GIFs and Giphy to power up your social media posts? 

Answer: You can search for story makers or you can use Filmora, it is a good app.

“Content creators must know that content is king and to build a nice kingdom you should have a good quality King (Content).” At the end, all  I must say is its time to up your content game.


Get Elgato Stream Deck Mini here.